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Looking over the ‘Just for the Challenge’ 2012 year planner, there are some fantastic opportunities for companies to capitalise on the press and public relations opportunities presented through ‘Just for the Challenge’ 2012 activities.

A major opportunity to gain exposure through regional, national and international press and media exists through my involvement with theĀ Queens Diamond Jubilee Pageant (scroll down for further information)

Below are listed key events with an overview of the exposure available for each.

Warwickshire Ring Challenge.

4-7 May 2012

Touch FM is the most popular radio network in the Midlands and I’ve teamed up with one of their presenters, Simon Alexander, to kayak 106 miles around the’ Warwishire Ring’ canal network. The Warwickshire Ring connects many of the towns and cities of the midlands, all falling well within the broadcast area of Touch FM. The aim of the project is to raise awareness of the Children’s Trust and to encourage as many people as possible to join us either on the water, on the path next to us, or at one of the events planned around the route.

The project is already featuring strongly on Touch FM network stations and, as the event draws nearer that coverage will increase. The event itself will be covered live.

Exposure opportunities may include: Touch FM, other radio networks, regional newspapers, regional magazines, regional BBC TV news, Touch FM website, public presence and awareness en-route, presence at organised events.

Queens Diamond Jubilee Pageant.

2-3 June 2012

I am very honoured to have been selected to be a part of the Queens Diamond Jubilee Pageant on the River Thames. I will part of the flotilla of civilian vessels escorting HRH Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Barge as part of the celebrations and have been chosen to paddle in close proximity to the Barge during the event (at the bow of the vessel). Because of my background and current activities for charity and education, the press office have also requested a full biography from me so that my ‘story’ may be used by my reporters and commentators during ‘slack times’ in the procession

Exposure opportunities may include: a listing in the QDJP commemorative brochure*, national and international television exposure, exposure through regional, national and international radio stations, national and international printed press, local and regional publications.

Isle of White Circumnavigation.

June 2012

I will be accompanying Ed Haines as he attempts to be the first person ever to circumnavigate the Isle of White on a prone paddleboard. At first glance this may not seem to be any significant feat, but ask anyone in the ‘paddling world’ about the difficulty involved with this challenge and you will be left in no doubt that it isn’t something to be taken lightly.

Exposure opportunities may include: local and regional newspaper coverage, interviews on two regional radio networks, coverage through adventure and paddlesports magazines (on-line and printed publications).

The ‘Channel to Channel’ Project.

12-18 August 2012

The ‘Channel to Channel’ project first ran in 2011 and was a huge success. The aim of the project was to kayak from the Bristol Channel to the English Channel straight across England and engage as many people as possible, raising awareness of the work of the Children’s Trust. I was stopped in London by the port of London Authority who felt it dangerous for me to go further, but that aside, the project was a huge success. I was joined on the water at various times by other paddlers, cyclists accompanied me on the bank, two swimmers joined me for a section through the centre of Reading and I had a ‘support crew’ of children who took in turns to cycle next to me for the entire journey helping to raise awareness of what we were doing. The project was covered by local and regional newspapers across the route, was mentioned on BBC TV news and I was interviewed on live ‘phone-ins’ by one local, one regional and one national radio station as I kayaked. The event was also covered in sports, adventure magazines and public interest magazines both on and off line.

The 2012 ‘Channel to Channel’ project is set to be even more successful with a bigger and stronger organisational team, more press and media coverage, more events along the route and more opportunities for people to join in. As an example, during the last ‘leg’, I am expecting somewhere in the region of 100 paddlers to join me as I paddle towards London.

Opportunities for involvement may include: local and regional newspaper coverage, local and regional radio network coverage, regional television coverage, adventure and sporting magazines, public interaction en-route and at the organised events.

Mount Kilimanjaro

25 August – 2 September

I will be taking a group of people across to tackle one of the ‘seven summits’, the tallest mountain in Africa and the tallest freestanding mountain in the world, Mount Kilimanjaro.

Opportunities for involvement may include: regional newspaper coverage for those taking part, local radio coverage, coverage in national an international ‘adventure’ and ‘outdoor’ magazines.

Arctic 2012/13

Plans are in place for one major and one smaller Arctic expeditions over the 2012/13 winter but will not be released to the public until a later date. Details of the expeditions may be discussed with potential sponsors.

The expeditions are of enough significance and importance to attract attention from major British and international press.

Additional Activities.

There are several other mini-projects in the planning process for the summer for 2012.

I am also involved with other high-profile projects, including a new project to promote the River Thames as a resource for active recreation.

Additional Exposure.

As well as press and PR opportunities through the channels indicated above, all projects will also feature on the ‘Just for the Challenge’ website and will be discussed through the very active ‘Just for the Challenge’ social media sites. Projects will also feature on the websites of other parties invovled, and will appear as aggrigated news on other websites and social media.

All ‘Just for the Challenge’ projects also feature in the ‘Justin’s Journeys’ primary school initiative which communicates with c.26,000 UK schools.

*Boat Naming.

For a main partner/sponsor there is the opportunity of naming the kayak that I will use during all of these projects. If an agreement is reached before the end of the day on 11 April 2012, the kayak will also carry the agreed name in all of the press and publicity material for the Queens Diamond Jubilee Pageant, including naming in the commemorative brochure.

Partner/Sponsor Requirements

I work hard to make sure that all of my partners/sponsors receive a good return on their investment in my projects. I recognise that every business has different requirements with regard to a return so I make sure that I am available right at the very start of a relationship to work with partner companies to devise a plan to make sure that happens.

When selecting an organisation to work with, funding is an important issue but I would also like to work with organisations who are happy and able to work with me to promote the Children’s Trust and the ‘Justin’s Journeys’ primary schools education initiative. It would also suit if partners/sponsors have a strong corporate social responsibility record and a demonstrable association with promoting health, fitness, adventurous activities or education.

For further information please contact me through justin@justforthechallenge.com

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