My first book written all on my own!

From finding out about expeditions in the world’s toughest environments to planning and tackling their very first adventure, the ‘Ultimate Explorers Guide For Kids‘ is a ‘must have’ for any budding explorer.

Why did I write this book? Because I was lucky enough to grow up in a time and space where being active outdoors was a part of life, and I wanted to do something to help young people to have that same experience.

I don’t want to see pristine copies of this book turn up on the shelves of charity shops in years to come. I want every copy to be used, abused, covered and caked in mud with crinkled pages and notes in the margins!

This book has been used for far more than I ever dreamed it would be. As well as encouraging children to get active outdoors, the colourful design and layout of the book with plenty of graphics and images and bite-sized chunks of learning information has attracted education users from around the globe who use the ‘Ultimate Explorers Guide For Kids’ as a resource to encourage literacy development.

The ‘Ultimate Explorers Guide For Kids’ is available in bookshops world-wide (and in several languages!) or, if you’re an education user, you can order the book through Scholastic (in whichever country you’re based)

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What people are saying…

“An easy-to-follow manual packed full of essential information, this title is a must-have for any young explorer who is curious about the world. It’s an excellent way to foster a sense of adventure and the bright colourful presentation will appeal – there’s even a compass included!” Parents In Touch.

‘The information is clearly laid out, and the anecdotes and true life stories are fascinating. Justin comes across as exactly the kind of bloke it would be fun to trek with across the Arctic. Guaranteed to put kids in the mood for outdoor activities.’ Love Reading (book of the month) Read the full review here

“The Ultimate Explorer Guide for Kids is full of lots of information that inspires your kids to get outside exploring.” Read the full review from ‘Get Out With The Kids’ here. 

“An essential guide for budding explorers.” Book Depository

“Ultimate Explorer Guide for Kids” presents straightforward advice on what every explorer must know if they are to survive the most daunting challenges the world has to offer. The ultimate adventures are gleaned from the author’s travels around the world. He packs every page with the priceless knowledge he has gained over the years.” Good Reads


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