Karrimor SF

I often get asked which piece of kit I never leave home without. The answer is simple: one of my Karrimor SF rucksacks or bags. It doesn't matter...

The ‘Ultimate Mapping Guide For Kids’

The ‘Ultimate Mapping Guide For Kids’ begins with the question ‘What is a map?’ and then takes the reader, or user, on a journey through creating their own maps with grid systems, scales, contours and legends through to navigating with a map and compass and using GPS. The book also has some great, fun exercises like making your own treasure hunt and geocaching.

The Ultimate Explorers Guide for Kids

From finding out about expeditions in the world’s toughest environments to planning and tackling their very first adventure, the ‘Ultimate Explorers Guide For Kids’ is a ‘must have’ for any budding explorer.

Learning about our planet is our greatest adventure

Justin Miles' motivational speaking is a revelation and hugely inspiring.Justin Miles is a professional adventurer, explorer, educator and speaker. In his own words “I don’t care what job title I have. I get to go to the most awesome places on Earth, do some really cool stuff when I get there and I meet the most amazing people along the way!”

His adventures take place in polar, mountain, jungle and desert regions and are all used to support global education projects, to engage with schools around the world and to support various charities such as Magpas and Educate The World, and the programme Educate A Child

You can find out more about Justin and the journey that he’s been on, from being brain damaged in a car accident to tackling adventures and expeditions all over the world on his speaking page.

Justin’s Product Reviews

GiffGaff, The Perfect Explorers Network.

Because my life is so fluid with regards to movement, it really isn't in my best interests to enter in to a monthly mobile phone contract. Sometimes I may be out of the UK for a block of time so my monthly usage would be virtually nothing, whilst at others I know that...

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"Time is important to me, sometimes my life depends on it" I have discovered the 'Swiss Army Knife' of watches made by the innovative Swedish company Kronaby. Many of my friends have smartwatches: they range from simple activity trackers to full-on wrist-mounted...

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Karrimor SF Modi 15

The new Karrimor SF Modi 15 is the absolute ultimate in small backpacks! This latest product to join the Karrimor SF stable takes all of the innovative design elements of their 'Thor 40' model - originally designed for the Danish military - and uses them to create a...

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