A post about socks? Absolutely; good socks and great boots play an essential role in protecting your feet and if you’re feet are in good condition you can go farther, faster and longer.

When many people venture in to outdoor retailers in search of footwear they inevitably look for the absolute best bots that they can afford, and quite rightly so, but to really have a winning combination for your feet you need to invest in decent socks too.

Earlier this year I started using the ‘Armadillo Merino Stamina Boot Sock‘ and they’re brilliant. I’ve worn them in different climates, for short and longer journeys and over different terrain. When combined with my Lowa Boots my feet have remained warm but not sweaty, the socks haven’t become frayed with use, the elasticity has remained positive (they stay up!) and, if they get wet, they dry quite quickly.

The ‘Armadillo Merino Stamina Boot Socks’ combine softness and strength to provide you with exceptional levels of comfort and durability. These walking socks are designed so that you have 100% wool next to your skin on the sole of your foot for extra cushioning and comfort, the reinforced toe and heel combines with an elastic arch support system provide great support for your foot and the toe seam is smooth to prevent rubbing.

You can find out more about these socks on the Armadillo Merino website here, and if you quote discount code ExplorerJust when you order this, or any other Armadillo Merino product you will an immediate discount on the purchase price.