Because my life is so fluid with regards to movement, it really isn’t in my best interests to enter in to a monthly mobile phone contract. Sometimes I may be out of the UK for a block of time so my monthly usage would be virtually nothing, whilst at others I know that I’ll be working in the city for a few weeks so my usage could be high.

A few years ago I discovered GiffGaff, a flexible ‘pay as you go’ mobile network which has many of the benefits of a monthly contract, but has the added advantage of flexibility so you can choose how much or how little you invest depending on your expected usage.

The GifffGaff system works in two ways; you can add a ‘credit top-up’ which adds minutes to your phone in exactly the same way as historical PAYG systems, or you can purchase a ‘GoodyBag’ which gives you a set amount of ‘talk’ minutes, texts, and data depending on how much you invest.

In my average month, I add either a £7.50 or £10 GiffGaff ‘GoodyBag’ to my phone which sees me through with spare capacity. If I know that I’m going to be away for an entire month, or at least a good block of time within a month then I either reduce my financial commitment or don’t purchase any ‘credit’ at all. If I’m likely to be zipping around the UK or Europe, using up speaking time and data then I sometimes, often, make a higher value purchase to suit (but if you do run out of data or voice credit it’s really easy to add more).

To make selecting the best package for you even easier, GiffGaff send you a monthly usage statement by email, recommending, if necessary, that you move to a higher or lower package to give you the absolute best value.

GiffGaff to GiffGaff calls are entirely free of charge, so if your friends are on the same network your monthly minute time will not decrease when you call them and they often have promotional offers on their products, helping you to save even more money.

GiffGaff also have an online ‘community’ where you can find answers to support issues, share information, win prizes and much more.

GiffGaff are a part of the O2 group, so signal in the UK is as good as any and I’ve found that the European coverage is excellent (and yes, it worked perfectly well in Greenland too!)

I actually have two phones running GiffGaff contracts. One is my everyday iPhone and the other is my ruggedised phone that I use as a backup device when I’m out in the field, whether that me roaming the wild areas of the UK or travelling through Europe.

If you’re interested in using GiffGaff yourself then please order your SIM here. You’ll get a great deal, and I’ll get  a little ‘thank you’ from GiffGaff.