The Karrimor SF Thor 40 is one of the latest and most radical rucksacks to come from innovative military rucksack design and manufacture company Karrimor SF.

As with many of the Karrimor SF deigns, the Thor 40 was originally designed for military use so is built using the most rugged of materials and manufacturing methods with unequalled levels of quality control.

The primary feature of the Karrimor SF Thor 40 is the single compartment main storage area which is accessed through a ‘clamshell’ opening. The heavy duty zipper enables simultaneous top and front opening, giving immediate access to the full interior of the main compartment a feature which, all on its own, provides a whole host of benefits to a range of users.

Having used the Thor 40 on several trips in a variety of environments over the last ten months the main benefit that I’ve experienced from the clamshell design is that load distribution and stability can really take precedence over accessibility – because the entire content of your pack is instantly available.

The interior of the main compartment is also fitted with MOLLE webbing to enable loads to be safely secured and the exterior ‘compression straps’ take up the slack and give the pack an added level of rigidity should your load not fill the volume or if your load is prone to excessive movement inside the rucksack.

The clamshell opening also lends itself to giving the Thor 40 more uses than usually expected of a backpack. Aside from using the Thor 40 as a day pack, I’ve used the Thor 40 as a fishing bag for all day ‘mobile’ fishing trips exploring rivers and the coast with a fly or lure rod; I’ve used it as a camera bag for my DSLR and associated equipment; and it’s often used as a ‘deck bag’ on my paddleboards and kayaks giving me instant access to all of my equipment without fear of ‘rocking the boat’.

The clamshell design with accessible interior makes the Thor 40 a favoured choice for developing a ‘go bag’ or ‘bug-out-bag’ for ‘preppers’, ‘bushcraft enthusiasts’ and the military: the Thor 40 is gaining popularity in military circles worldwide with SERE instructors and combat flight crews.

Other storage areas include a functional and surprising large ‘top-flap’ zipped compartment, side pockets or pouches (I usually have a SIGG water bottle in one and an umbrella in the other), an internal divider for storing paperwork or a Karrimor SF hydration bladder (there are exit ports at the top of the pack so that hoses from the hydration bladder can exit the pack without compromising its secure closure), a ‘slip’ in the back panel large enough to accept an A4 folder (which I use for storing maps) and the pack is MOLLE webbed to accept further pouches to increase its load carrying capacity or attaching additional equipment such as tents, sleeping mats or even solar chargers.

Although the material used in the construction of the Karrimor SF Thor 40 is water repellent, the rucksack is also fitted with an easy to install integral rain cover so that your valuable kit and equipment will remain protected even in the most sodden conditions.

The ‘business end’ of the Thor 40, as with all Karrimor SF equipment, is uncompromising in terms of design and quality. The padded shoulder straps, chest strap and waist belt are all fully adjustable and offer on-the-move adjustability so that you can alter the way that the rucksack sits on your back according to the incline or terrain.

I’ve used the Karrimor SF Thor 40 around the UK and across the mountains and forests of Europe and Eastern Europe to great effect from single days out to overnight and multi-day wild camping and bushcraft adventures. So far, the longest adventure that I’ve tackled using the Thor 40 as my only load carrying equipment was eight days; it’s capacious interior and the ability to add to the storage, or attach other equipment to the outside of the pack makes it a fantastic all-rounder.

A few more of the features and functions are described in the video below, but for more information please go to the Karrimor SF website