If you’re looking for a strong, well made, functional and comfortable boot to suit all occasions then the Lowa Zephyr GTX is the boot for you.

Lowa boots were recommended to me by my friends over at Karrimor SF, a recommendation supported by adventurer and former Royal Marine Glen Steyn (who’s latest adventure involved walking the length of the Orange River). After researching the boots on their website and taking in to account my current needs, I settled on the Lowa Zephyr GTX.

The door bell rang, I accepted the parcel, slipped my feet in to my new Lowa Zephyr boots and headed straight out for an 11 mile training hike carrying a Karrimor SF Thor 40 pack loaded with around 20 kilos of coal. Straight out of the box and straight out for an 11 mile hike; no wearing them around the house or a short walk to the shops – just get them on and give them a bash.

They were brilliant. The Zephyr boots gave my feet plenty of support whilst being light on my feet and ultra-comfortable. There wasn’t a singe ‘pinch-point’ where an abrasion or blister may appear; real ‘out of the box’ performance.

The next day I gave them another test. I’m currently training for a mountain walk and living where the land is flat I have to improvise with my training somewhat. Wearing my  Lowa Zephyr GTX boots, I picked up another loaded Karrimor SF pack and proceeded to bash out two hours of step-ups. I made a short video which you can view on my Instagram here which clearly shows the excellent cushioning of this superb walking boot

I’ve just come back from an adventure in Hungary which took me through a range of environments, from urban landscapes to sandy beaches, mountain trails, river-beds and marshland and the Lowa boots performed exceptionally well in all of them. What particularly surprised me was that, for a very lightweight boot,  the Lowa Zephyr GTX are exceptionally waterproof, keeping my feet totally dry through the soggy marshes and shallow river beds as well as offering great temperature regulation in the 38 degree heat (no sweaty feet!).

Lowa Zephyr GTX boots really are boots for al occasions; over undulating terrain with a mixed bag of obstacles the Zephyr boots proved to offer great stability and a determined level of ‘ruggedness’, and once my wilderness adventure was over I found myself in Budapest for a couple of meetings and, despite being under-prepared with regards to clothing choices, the Lowa Zephyr boots didn’t look out of place at all!

I’ve only had my Lowa Zephyr GTX boots for a few weeks, but they’rve already covered several hundred miles over mixed terrain and obstacles and they still look as though they’ve come straight out of the box. These boots really are proving their worth and value and I am now most definitely a Lowa Boots fan.

You can find out more about Lowa Boots and order yours through their website here.