I am, without a doubt, a total watch-a-holic. Totally and absolutely.

For me it all started when I was just seventeen. The guy who owned the gym that I trained and worked in handed me his Rolex Submariner one day and said ‘bring it back tomorrow’. Can you imagine a seventeen year old PE student going to college wearing thousands of pounds worth of Rolex watch? I loved it. I loved it so much that I spent every penny that I had on buying one!

That first Rolex was the start of a slippery slope in to a lifelong addiction to watches and since then I’ve worn a great selection of luxury and ‘every-day’ watches; Casio, Lorus, Citizen, CWC, Rolex, Breitling, Cartier, Omega, Panerai, Smiths, CWC, and many, many others.

Six years ago I found a new one. The watch company that I discovered is called ‘Marine Chronometer Company’ and their limited production of watches are exquisite,  superbly designed, solely built, exceptionally accurate, and you’re unlikely to see anyone else wearing one.

I proudly wear their ‘Field Engineer’ model, the only model currently being built (prototypes for other designs are on the watchmakers workbench). I like a watch to be as plain as possible, so the large, clearly visible and easy to read face on the Field Engineer watch is absolutely perfect for me. The only distractions on the face are the date window and dials for the mechanical (not digital!) stopwatch function.

The glass caseback gives a clear view of the beautifully engineered automatic winding mechanism and shows the serial number of the watch, mine’s no 016 – that means that it was the 16th watch of this type ever made by engineer, designer and watchmaker Lorne Gifford, the man behind the Marine Chronometer Company.

The Field Engineer comes with either a steel bracelet or a 22mm strap with is constructed using leather over a rubber core to give the strap strength and longevity. The Marine Chronometer Company are also working with a designer in Germany to offer custom straps in a range of materials, colours and finishes so your Field Engineer can be customised to suit you. I usually wear mine with a brown leather strap but I also have the bracelet.

Unlike many more well known luxury watch companies, the Marine Chronometer Company invest their profits in watch design, not marketing. What that means to lovers of fine timepieces is that the Field Engineer, despite being such a great design and fantastic quality, is available at a price which is reasonable in comparison to other watches of a similar standard.

The ‘Field Engineer’ by the Marine Chronometer Company certainly is a watch to put on the list for any collector or watch lover; it looks fantastic, feels great on the wrist, performs effortlessly and faultlessly and, with only just over one hundred watches having been sold world-wide, you’re unlikely to ever see one on somebody else’s wrist! Having said that, a friend saw mine and fell in love with it so he purchased one; needless to say, we don’t hang out together too often any more.

You can find out more about the Field Engineer watch from the Marine Chronometer Company on their website here

Justin speaking at a TEDx event