The Armadillo Merino ‘Panther is a regular fit long sleeve top which can be comfortably worn under an outer layer, or uniform, or even as a top in it’s own right, weather permitting.

I first tested the Panther on a cool day in the UK with temperatures starting at minus two degrees rising to plus nine degrees at the end of my four hour long training session.

The training session for the day was a four hour ‘fast hike’ with nordic walking poles over slightly undulating terrain whilst carrying my Karrimor SF ‘Thor 40’ rucksack containing various equipment and a rogue 10kg (22lbs) bag of house coal for a total weight or around 20kg (44lbs).

I was aware of the weather forecast – below freezing temperatures rising steadily with no rain or wind – so decided to put the Armadillo Merino Panther through it’s paces by wearing it as my only layer, topped with an Armadillo Merino ‘Hippo’ snood.

At the beginning of the morning I made full use of the ‘thumb slits’ in the cuffs of the garment to cover my hands which was far more comfortable and warm than having bare hands (gloves would have been overkill). As I started to move I was pleasantly surprised at just how comfortable the Panther top was; light, easy on the skin and the seamless shoulders meant that there were no chaffing or rubbing spots under by rucksack straps. On an adventure or expedition even the smallest amount of rubbing or bristling can create a big issue but Armadillo Merino have paid attention to absolutely every detail, even designing their tops with no labels in the neckline so that there’s no space for irritation to take place.

Although it was a cool morning, within minutes of starting out I was definitely at a comfort level with regards to warmth and as the training session progressed and the air temperature began to rise the temperature regulating effect of Armadillo Merino clothing certainly came in to effect. Despite the rising air temperature, heat from the sun on the black material and my steadily increasing pace I didn’t feel as though I was getting uncomfortably warm at all, I had reached a kind of ‘steady state’.

At the end of the session, some four hours after setting off, I slipped my Karrimor SF pack off of my back, pulled the Armadillo Merino Panther over my head and then, and only then, realised just how effective the Panther is at wicking moisture away from the skin. I had been sweating profusely during the session but the Armadillo top had effectively drawn moisture away from my body, leaving my skin bone-dry which is an important part of temperature regulation and comfort. You can watch the video on YouTube here

I definitely recommend the Armadillo Merino Panther as an activewear top to wear under another layer or on it’s own for a whole host of sports and activities and in a range of environments. Whether on an expedition, skiing in the Alps, running across moors and mountains, climbing, cycling, kayaking or paddlboarding or even just heading in to town on a chilly day, the Armadillo Merino Panther has definitely earned a place in my kit bag.

You can find out more about the Armadillo Merino Panther on their website here. If you order from the website, please enter the discount code ExplorerJust where appropriate; you’ll get a little money off of the purchase price and I’ll get a small gratuity which I can use towards funding more adventures, expeditions and my work in education.