Being able to collect water and make it safe to consume whilst travelling is absolutely essential – vital for positive health and achieving physical and psychological performance excellence.

The medical reasons associated with maintaining access to safe drinking water are obvious; consuming ‘contaminated’ drinking water can lead to minor stomach upsets, incapacitating major illness or even death. 

With regards to physical performance, water is an essential element in maintaining blood volume, temperature regulation and muscle function, negative fluctuations in which will create an inability to perform at optimum levels.

A drop in hydration levels  – even just one to two percent – produces negative psychological responses such as emotional instability, limited motivation, lack of concentration and poor judgement and, if safe drinking water is in short supply, the focus and distraction created by thinking about access to safe water can be debilitating.

Enter the Pure Hydration ‘APT’, a high-performance personal water purification system which is proven to reduce microbiological hazards, over 100 heavy metals, pesticides and other harmful chemicals (see the Pure Hydration website for more information).

Aside from it’s ability to make water from many non-saline water sources safe to drink, the Pure Hydration APT is ridiculously convenient.

On a very basic level, THE most basic level, every litre of water that I have to carry weights one kilogram, and packed-weight reduction is important to me. With the APT, as long as I have access to water sources, be they rivers, streams, canals, ponds, marsh or even puddles, then I have access to safe drinking water which means that I can carry less weight in my pack (or kayak/paddleboard etc).

The Pure Hydration ‘APT’ is stupidly simple to use. Filling the ‘flask’ is a case of unscrewing the lid, filling the void with water and screwing the lid back on. Once the lid is in place then a precautionary wipe around the bottle to make sure that no potentially contaminated water can run down to the lid and you’e ready to go.

Unlike other systems, the Pure Hydration APT let’s you know when the filter is becoming ineffective… because it slows and eventually stops! As contaminants in the filter system increase then the exit flow of water slows – the first sign that a replacement filter is imminent – and eventually stops. This simple method means that there is no threat of endangering yourself by using the equipment beyond it’s effective use.

In the past I’ve relied on technology such as ‘filtration straws’ whilst on expeditions. Filtration straws provided me with the means to drink water, safely, from a variety of sources, but they don’t have the capacity to store, transport and hygienically transfer safe water – but the Pure Hydration APT does. The APT can store and transport 500ml of water, and can be used to create safe water to be transferred to other vessels, such as hydration bladders, cups or cooking pots/kettles with ease.

As well as offering a simple and effective hydration solution for adventurers pushing in to remote areas, the Pure Hydration APT can also be an essential piece of equipment for anyone travelling to or through regions with potentially contaminated or ‘unlean’ water supplies.

When I’m travelling through areas with less than guaranteed safe drinking water, every drop of water that I consume now passes through my APT; direct drinking water, water for hot drinks, water used in food prep or to rehydrate my meals, cleaning my teeth, washing my face and even for cleaning wounds in first aid situations.

You can find out more about the Pure Hydration APT and their other products by clicking on this link.