Education is at the core of every one of Justin’s expeditions, adventures and projects.

Working in conjunction with world leading partners Justin literally ‘brings the world to life’ in classrooms all over the globe. From telephoning schools from the tops of mountains and inside a volcano, to conducting Skype calls with classrooms from the edge of an African rainforest, Justin harnesses the very latest technology to give children a window to the world.

Using the brilliant Microsoft Education platform, Skype Classroom, Justin connects with somewhere in the region of 4,500 children a month globally when he delivers virtual workshops and lectures. Schools taking part in Justin’s sessions come from the US, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Costa Rica, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Ukraine, China, India, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, South Africa, UAE, Qatar, Pakistan, Portugal, Finland, Norway, Vietnam, Uruguay, Egypt and of course the UK.

Aside from engaging schools in countries with developed education systems, Justin’s real passion is to support organisations involved with universal education provision – making sure that every child, everywhere, has the opportunity to receive a quality education.



Justin’s children’s books, the ‘Ultimate Explorers Guide For Kids’ and the ‘Ultimate Mapping Guide For Kids’ are available world-wide through QED Publishing.




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