Ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things.

The ‘Explorers Mindset’ is a modular development programme for human performance improvement conceived and created by explorer, author and consultant Justin Miles. 

Each of the seven modules of the ‘Explorers Mindset’ programme prepares you, your team or your organisation to realise new, higher levels of performance – performance excellence –  by providing a foundation and framework based on the characteristics, skills and habits exhibited by some of the greatest explorers throughout history.

The ‘Explorers Mindset’ methodology is scaleable in that each module can be adapted and tailored to enhance the performance of an individual, a team, or to influence an organisation-wide culture shift. The scalability of the programme can prepare anyone and everyone to reach new frontiers in performance at any career stage and no-matter what  their academic background.

The complete ‘Explorers Mindset’ programme has been developed holistically as a vehicle for achieving performance excellence, however each module of the ‘Explorers Mindset’ programme has value in it’s own right, particularly when used to address pertinent issues and challenges. 


The Resilient Mindset

The ability to recover quickly from challenge and adversity is an important element in maintaining positive mental health and achieving peak performance. 

The ‘Resilient Mindset’ module focusses on providing delegates with a framework based on learnable skills and habits that will strengthen foundational resilience. Maintaining a ‘resilient mindset’ relies on ongoing maintenance so the programme encourages delegates to self-assess the elements of their resilience framework on an ongoing basis to identify areas for improvement act accordingly with interventions.

An additional module, ‘Leading for Resilience’, delves deeper into resilience and explores ways that leaders can support and develop the resilience of their teams.

The Navigators Mindset

The ‘Navigators Mindset’ element explores how we can use objectives and goals effectively to achieve peak performance. Effective use of objectives and goals ensures clarity and provides a framework for progression in the desired direction and provides a platform for motivation.



The Risk Mindset

The potential for the uncontrolled loss of something of value – financial wealth, property, health or even life – affects every one of us in everything that we do. From picking a route across crevasse-ridden landscapes to making high-impact decisions about our businesses, consciously or subconsciously, analysing ‘risk’ plays a part in our decision-making processes.

The ‘Risk Mindset’ module of the ‘Explorers Mindset’ programme investigates risk as a motivator and as a constraint and explores techniques for identifying, managing and mitigating ‘risk’ to minimise negative impact and maximise its positive possibilities.

The Communications Mindset

When you’re operating in some of the toughest environments on Earth, effective communication is essential for success – and survival.

Effective communication underpins the performance excellence of every team and organisation. Good, clear, honest, unambiguous, planned and directed communication is an essential for creating highly effective teams and for developing and maintaining strong, lasting, trusting and harmonious relationships.

The ‘Communication Mindset’ module explores ways that we communicate as individuals, teams and organisations, some of the barriers which impede communication and looks at the tools and strategies which can be used to enhance the effectiveness of communication leading to peak performance.

The Motivation Mindset.

‘Motivation’ is the desire to act and move towards a goal: it’s the difference between laying in your warm sleeping bag with a hot drink inside the shelter of your tent all day or crawling out to face ridiculously cold temperatures and high winds as you haul a 150kg pulk (sled) across the frozen sea for the next fourteen hours.

The ‘Motivation Mindset’ module explores intrinsic and extrinsic factors affecting motivation and ways that you, as an individual, can influence your own motivation and the motivation of the people in your teams both as a team member and a team leader.

The Innovation Mindset

Expedition life can be, at times, a constant daily treadmill of challenges and obstacles to overcome. Often the potentiality of these challenges and obstacles has been pre-identified with plans in place to mitigate them, but almost equally as often new and unexpected obstructions and hindrances manifest requiring mental dexterity, creative thinking and bold, robust action.

The ‘Innovation Mindset’ module explores the rationale for nurturing and developing creative and innovative thinking and working practices. The road-map explored in this module takes individuals and teams on a journey to enhance and enrich creative ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking, future-proofing your organisation by developing a culture of creativity and innovation.


The Leadership Mindset

From conceptualising an expedition to the recruitment, selection and validation of teams, to the arduous journeys, to reaching the final destination leading an expedition team requires intelligent and flexible leadership.

The ‘Leadership Mindset’ module is tailored to support aspiring, emerging and developed leaders to fulfil their leadership potential.


Explorers Mindset Executive Coaching.

‘Explorers Mindset’ individual executive coaching provides a safe and supportive environment for leaders of all levels to explore their leadership style and business challenges.

Coaching options can include both in-person and virtual meetings. Packages are available to suit structured and semi-structured ongoing personal development or to support particular project-based challenges.

The Positive Mindset

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